01 / What is Vsekur?

VSEKUR Increases Security and Simplifies Risk Management

Logins usually require a username, password and/or other authentication information. Data is stored by business owners, adding on the expensive and time-consuming burden of security management along with the accountability of any data leaks or breaches.

VSEKUR is a passwordless authentication process combined with a highly secured data management system that allows customers to regain control over their personal data. While the authentication process makes personal data almost impossible to hack, the management system VBUNKER allows decentralization of data, making it meaningless for hackers. VSEKUR can also be customized to fit business brand image.

VBUNKER Data Management System

VSEKUR's data management system VBUNKER is a hyper-secured backup for customers' personal information. Using a sharding technology and a layer of encryption, this system protects the data and ensure complete privacy for the person authenticated with the VSEKUR process. VBUNKER is also available as a stand-alone storage solution.

02 / Benefits for you

Protect your business from data breaches

Reduce security costs

Simplify security management

Benefits for your customers

Reduced risks of identity theft

Quick & secure logins using passwordless authentication

Increased security & control of personal data

03 / Team

Meet our Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art technology in compliance with the highest security & privacy standards.

Jean-Philippe Beaudet

Chief Executive Officer, Cofounder

Yves Lamarre

Chief Business Development Officer, VP & Cofounder

Mathieu Fanoni

VP & Cofounder

Nicolas Takacs

Chief Technology Officer

Bruno Carrier

Member of the Board of Directors

Marcus J. Chung

Member of the Board of Directors

05 / Ecosystem & Partners
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